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Homeschooling in India

Homeschooling can be a great way to provide your child with a customized education. Traditional schooling or factory schooling as I usually call it had only one stated purpose i.e. to produce clerks for their English masters as outlined in T.B. Macaulay’s Minutes of Education. It worked to fulfill British… Read More »Homeschooling in India

Free Home School Ideas

The fact is, you can design your homeschooling program for it to come free. By ‘free’, we mean that you won’t be spending an extra buck aside from the regular crayons and pieces of paper that a regular school kid would need at the start of a school year. The… Read More »Free Home School Ideas

Home Schooling Curriculum

Nowadays, homeschooling is fast becoming a new trend in education. In the United States alone, it is been estimated that around 3 million children are enrolled in homeschooling programs. The west particularly United States has led the growth of homeschooling. India, though famous for its non-traditional approaches has been stuck… Read More »Home Schooling Curriculum

Who should Homeschool?

Do you feel that your kids will benefit more if they learn from you? Are you sure that you will be a better teacher than those in your children’s school? Do you think you are ready to discover homeschooling? Are you looking for homeschooling information? So, who are these people who… Read More »Who should Homeschool?